Pin Up Artist Al Rio Passed Away

Brazil-based artist Al Rio, born Alvaro Araújo Lourenço do Rio, passed away on January 31, 2012.
Reports are saying he took his own life by way of hanging though no suicide note was found.

Rio made a name for himself when he took over art chores for J. Scott Campbell on the DC/ Wildstorm series Gen 13.
This opened the door to near endless possibilities for him, allowing him to share his talent on titles from such publishers as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Chaos! Comics, Crossgen, Image and recently Zenescope and Avatar Press among many others.
He drew characters from Spider-Man, Captain America, Lady Death, Purgatori, DV8, Vampirella, Shi and countless others.

His recent projects included Exposure which Rio proudly claimed was “the sexiest supernatural story ever,” according to his good friend and agent David Campiti who recently wrote a special tribute remembering his friend.
Exposure has recently been serialized on KeenSpot and a Kickstarter campaign was recently started to get the story published in a hardcover collection.

Campiti explains that with the Kickstarter campaign, any extra funds raised above what is used to publish the book will be donated to Rio’s family.
In his tribute, Campiti writes: “Few could draw as well, adapting to so many styles so effortlessly, as Al Rio. We’d gotten together several weeks ago and were working hard on his projects, so news of his death came as quite a shock. He was a long-time friend whose art was a great joy to me and even inspired my wife’s drawing career.
Generous and humble, he’ll be deeply missed.”

He leaves behind his wife Zilda and three children: Adrielle, Isabel, and Rene.

Anyone wishing to contribute funds to his family may do so through the Kickstarter fund, and anyone wishing to express their condolences to his family may do so through and

Please send your deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Al Rio.
He will be deeply missed.

Written by Skott of Fables

You can find part of his work clicking here.


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